It's time to put an ACCOUNTANT into an ACCOUNTING role!


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    WHY ME ?

    I began my accounting career working for a boutique CPA firm as a Tax Accountant. Looking for more professional opportunities, I moved on to gain experience in bookkeeping, business process analysis, and full-cycle accounting.

    I am looking forward to translating all of the finance and accounting skills I've learned to public service. I'm going to bring real world experience to the Treasurer's office that will ensure every dollar is accounted for and safely invested to secure our financial future.

    You deserve to know where your money is going!

    Your vote matters and now it's time to vote all the way down the ballot.

    |Important dates|

    • Voter Reg. Deadline: 10/09
    • Early Voting Starts: 10/22
    • Early Voting Ends: 11/02





    I was born in California, educated in Missouri, and for the last 9 years has lived in Round Rock, TX. A first generation South-Asian, my parents instilled in me the values of education, hard work, and giving back to the community. These values guide me to this day.

    As a product of the public education system, my parents worked hard and made great sacrifices to send three children to college. After graduating high school in St. Louis, I earned a Business Administration degree from Columbia College.

    Starting in high school, I had always looked for ways to give back to my community. Early on, I learned a great deal by organizing fundraising events for world-wide humanitarian relief efforts and volunteering as a Sunday school administrator. Recently, I have focused on a more local impact by organizing blood drives, voter registration drives, trips to the Food Bank, as well as open house events for local Mosques. All of this in an effort to build bridges within the community I live in.


    We are more affected by representation at the local level. Make your voice heard and vote in county, city council, and school board elections.